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Reconciliation Action Plan

Respect is one of our core values at BaptistCare.

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Respect is one of our core values at BaptistCare.

We believe respectful relationships are at the heart of reconciliation, and strengthening them is the shared joy and responsibility of all Australians. In partnership with Reconciliation Australia, BaptistCare is developing our own Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Our RAP is a journey for all of us, as an organisation, that will provide a meaningful road map towards greater respect and stronger relationships with First Nations people. The destination is a commitment and a practical plan driving positive change and improved opportunity for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues within our organisation and in the communities we work in.

We look forward to sharing more news on the development of our Reconciliation Action Plan here, as we engage with our staff, stakeholders and Reconciliation Australia on our Reflect RAP.

Join Us

“It is such an honour to be able to take these first steps with BaptistCare on our reconciliation journey. Reconciliation for me is about equality, to try and right wrongs and create a space for respect and truth-telling. That everyone no matter their background can have the same opportunities.

Reconciliation is not just a word, but meaningful actions toward a fairer, just and equitable Australia. To all of my colleagues, whatever your role, I encourage you to please get involved and join me on this momentous journey.”

Keira Ellingwood
Co-Champion, Reconciliation Action Plan