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BaptistCare wouldn't be what it is without the support and partnership of so many people.

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Become a BaptistCare partner in Ministry to receive regular updates.

Pastoral Care Volunteers

Do you have a heart for Pastoral Care? Volunteering? And your community?

Careers at BaptistCare

We offer a broad range of careers at BaptistCare including Aged Care, Community Services and Corporate.

Home Care

BaptistCare at home is a service for people who love their home and their community but need some support to stay there.

Your Health

There’s no avoiding getting older. But by taking care of your health and wellbeing, you’ll be able to stay fit, healthy and engaged longer.

Your Home

Home is where the heart is. For most of us, our homes are filled with cherished memories and are the places where we feel most comfortable and truly ourselves.

Your Independence

A sense of independence is crucial to most people’s sense of wellbeing and enjoyment of life.

Your Community

Having a connection to the community is vital for your wellbeing and happiness.

Maureen's Story

Care means different things to different people.For Maureen Fitzgerald, a former stay-at-home mum, personal care services meant a newfound energy to face the day. As Maureen reached her 70s, she found tasks that were once easy, taxing, and hobbies that used to be enjoya...

Peter and Marie's Story

Finding purpose and passion in a shedWith 53 years of experience working as a solicitor, wearing a suit every day and dealing with high pressure clients and deadlines, Peter was great at his job. But what came after that? That’s the question Peter struggled with as he a...

Betty's Story

Clever solution for independent livingWith help from BaptistCare, Betty Marks is overcoming challenges caused by frailty and vision loss to live a full and happy life.At 89, Betty Marks’ mind is as sharp as ever, but after a series of health issues living alone is not a...

Katherine's Story

Determined to be independentKatherine Brennan has faced the challenges posed by her cerebral palsy with a mix of good humour and persistence. Now, the BaptistCare at home team is helping her embrace ageing the same way.Katherine knows a thing or two about determination....

Chris' Story

Out And About With ChrisChris, a retired truck driver is one of many seniors whose quality of life and independence has blossomed with the help of BaptistCare at home.When Chris’ wife and the love of his life, Valerie died seven years ago, Chris’ world changed.One day w...

Roy's Story

Roy’s Choice Is ClearSydney families are looking for innovative ways to support their ageing loved ones when their own time is also so limited; sandwiched between the increased care needs of ageing parents, and the growing demands of a young family of their own..Baptist...

Respite Care

Take a well-earned break with complete peace of mind with Respite Care from BaptistCare.

Your Guide to Aged Care

We are here to help guide you or your loved one through the journey into Aged Care Homes.

Aged Care Homes

We create strong and caring communities that focus on improving personal wellbeing and quality of life.

Retirement Living

More than just a place to live, it's a community.

Community Housing

BaptistCare is a registered Community Housing provider and has been providing affordable housing since 1953.