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Social Support

Social support in your home or outings, stay connected to the local community.

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in home care services

Inclusive care for social and spiritual wellbeing

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We provide a range of services and activities to help bring people together to support social interaction and spiritual wellness.

Companionship at home, social groups, as well as transport and assistance for getting out and about. You can personalise your own support program.

Take a look at a day in our social club, contact us today to book your seat.

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Why BaptistCare ?

While quality is perhaps the most important consideration, pricing is also an important consideration when it comes to home care. Our core focus is ensuring we meet the needs of our clients, and it is why we are committed to open, honest and transparent pricing. There are no hidden charges and no unnecessary daily fees. BaptistCare at home is acknowledged as one of the highest quality home care providers in Australia and yet our size enables us to keep our pricing low. Our experience and expertise enables us to give real value for money and to genuinely put our clients first in all we do.