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Volunteer with BaptistCare

Want to get involved in your local community? Want to make a real difference in the lives of others? Want to meet new friends and benefit from new experiences?

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About Volunteering

Why not consider joining us at BaptistCare as a volunteer and be part of the change today. You would be joining a team of more than 1,000 people who give of their time to serve alongside our 4,000 staff in transforming lives.

The BaptistCare Volunteer Program is available in our Residential Services, Home Care, Housing, Retirement Living and Community Services in supporting those we serve at BaptistCare.

We invite you to look through the current opportunities listed for our services below.

For Student Placements, please read our application process.

Caring Starts With You

We have recently-launched a self-care program called Flourish, that offers support through six different services to our employees, volunteers and their families.

We want to make sure our people are cared for and looking after their own needs, so that they feel empowered to care for others.

We want our employees and volunteers to thrive at home and at work, in every area of their lives; emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially, in learning and development, in their career, as well as in matters as diverse as legal or lifestyle and nutrition.

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Our Purpose, Vision and Values

At BaptistCare we create strong and caring communities that value personal well-being and each other. When these values are shared, it has the potential to transform lives.

Among the thousands of individuals we meet each day, we see that people want to be shown genuine loving care, to be respected as an individual, to be empowered to live well, and to always feel confident they have someone to rely on.

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Pastoral Care Volunteers

Are you driven to helping others through spiritual nourishment and support? Our Pastoral Care Volunteers program is an integral part of BaptistCare services.

If you’re an active member at your local church, our Pastoral Care Volunteers, receive free training and are equipped with the skills to provide pastoral care to people in their local church community.

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