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We want our people to Flourish

In June 2020, we launched our new self-care program for our employees, volunteers, and their families, called Flourish.

In a pulse survey sent to staff in the second half of the financial year, 64% of our staff rated their well-being between 7 and 10 - but a significant number told us that they were struggling.

In these challenging times with both a health and economic crisis being experienced across Australia, we expected many of our employees would be finding things difficult and we wanted to help.

Flourish aims for our employees, volunteers and their families to thrive at home and at work, in every area of their lives; emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially, in learning and development, in their career, as well as in matters as diverse as legal or lifestyle/nutrition.

The program builds on our existing Employee Assistance Program and provides confidential and free services including counselling support; chaplaincy support; lifestyle and nutrition support; learning and development including career help, financial coaching and legal support.

Our people are our heartbeat, and we care deeply for them. We want to make sure our employees and volunteers are cared for and looking after their own needs so that they feel empowered to care for others too.


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