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Caring for Community

We love this bit – it’s who we are. We’re focused on fostering caring and connected communities and enhancing social justice.

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What does this look like?

Learn about our reconciliation action, human rights and responsible procurement, and how we are measuring our social impact to drive positive change.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Respect is a core value at BaptistCare.

We believe respectful relationships are at the heart of reconciliation, and strengthening them is the shared joy and responsibility of all Australians. In partnership with Reconciliation Australia, BaptistCare is developing our own Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). You can read more about this on our RAP page.

Modern Slavery

BaptistCare is committed to tackling the risks of modern slavery in our operations and supply chain. The values that guide us – being loving and reliable, respecting the individual, and empowering every individual to live well – are at the core of our approach.

We are committed to the principles of socially and environmentally responsible procurement. Our suppliers, service providers and contractors (together our Suppliers) are important partners in our delivery of services to the community. Their performance and business practices impact on our commitment to socially and environmentally responsible behaviour.

We want to have a positive impact and enhance the lives of all the individuals we connect with. We understand that modern slavery may be present within the vulnerable communities we serve, and we strive to provide the highest quality of care and support.

In particular, through our BaptistCare HopeStreet centres and programs, BaptistCare supports people living on the margins or caught in the cycle of poverty, including those who may be vulnerable to modern slavery or slavery-like conditions.

You can read more about our positions, work and actions here:

Human Rights Position Statement View Document
Modern Slavery Statement View Document
Supplier Code of Conduct View Document

Measuring our Social Impact

Every day, our wonderful staff and volunteers are loving and caring for people, and we know we’re making a difference in the lives of others. But we also believe it’s important to understand the social impact of our care and services – with a view to being able to do more and maximise our impact – so we set about independently measuring and verifying the community and social value we create.

The result is the BaptistCare Social Return on Investment (SROI) Report, which you can read about here.

Caring for People, Community and Planet

Caring for People, Community and Planet