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Community Housing

BaptistCare is a registered Community Housing provider and has been providing affordable housing since 1953.

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Why BaptistCare?

We believe Community Housing should be about more than providing a roof over people's heads. It's about providing a safe and connected community where people can access financial, emotional and physical support to empower them to move forward with their life.

Registered Community Housing Provider Registration Number R4533141127.

Our Housing Explained

Our affordable and social for seniors and single-parent families offers holistic support and renewed hope for people, as well as developing stronger communities.

Learn more about the types of housing we offer, and who is eligible.

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How to Apply

Our community housing provides safe and connected communities where seniors and single parent families can be supported to live their very best lives.

Learn more about the application process for our Social or Affordable Housing, for seniors and single-parent families.

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Social & Affordable Housing Fund

BaptistCare has partnered with the NSW Government to develop and manage social and affordable housing, catering to those most in need across the state, through the Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF).

Learn more about our SAHF sites and developments underway as part of this important housing initiative.

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Community Housing Locations

Click through to find your nearest BaptistCare Community Housing location.

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