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Refresh Retreats

Education, support and respite for carers and their loved ones living with dementia

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What are Refresh Retreats?

The Refresh Retreats program aims to equip carers with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to care for somebody living with dementia at home, whilst their loved ones receives quality care and a simultaneous program of engaging activities.

Set within a calming, peaceful environment, the retreat runs over three days and offers an opportunity for those experiencing life with dementia to take time out for respite and connection.

What to Expect At Your Retreat

Caring for somebody living with dementia can be exhausting, and it’s important to regularly practice self-care.

During the retreat, carers can take time to relax, unwind, and receive practical support, knowing that their loved one is close by and under the care of our well-trained and experienced staff.

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2024 Retreats

How do people access the retreat program?

The Refresh Retreats are available to people living with dementia who are supported to remain at home, either from a co-residing carer or one residing at a separate address.

For new clients, please contact us on 1300 275 227 or fill in the enquiry form below.

This program is fully funded by the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care and there is no charge to attend.©

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Carer Education Topics

Carers can participate in the following topics during their retreat.

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