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BaptistCare HopeStreet is a trusted place in some of the most vulnerable communities, offering hope to people living with disadvantage and distress.

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Hope Lives Here

At BaptistCare HopeStreet, we seek to transform the lives of people in our communities who are living with disadvantage or experiencing great personal trials.

Delivering support services that are person-centred and tailored to meet local needs, our approach at HopeStreet is deeply rooted in our People First philosophy. We respect and care for each person as a valued individual, placing their health and wellbeing above all else.

Our wide range of services supports individuals and families to navigate challenging times, such as homelessness, accessing affordable food, domestic violence, long-term unemployment, relationship breakdown, mental health issues, or addiction. We also walk alongside people who are caught in a cycle of poverty and debt, often with diminished opportunities to break free and live well.

How We Help

“I have a home. Henry has his own space now… He’s a much happier child.”

A month before Christmas, housing came through. Facing an empty house, Jana recalls Lucy being more stressed than she’d ever seen her. “She was like, okay, I have a house, but I have nothing. At the refuge she at least had a bed.” Jana and our team provided Lucy and Henry with everything they could.

Lucy is full of gratitude and is now able to actively participate in life, rather than worrying about where she and her son will sleep at night. She’s also studying a business course.

“I have a home. Henry has his own space now. He’s spending time in the lounge room with me. He’s playing with his Lego. We’ve adopted a cat which has been good for him. He’s a much happier child.”

“Beyond the practical help, Jana and the team have been my friends and my support network. Just having HopeStreet to fill in that gap and be my family for a little while has made such a difference.”

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Apply for a Low Interest Loan

We offer loans free of interest, fees, charges and penalties to give you safe and affordable access to funds.

This support means that individuals and families are able to look towards their future, with a loan that empowers them, rather than adding to the cycle of debt.

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Without your support, most of what we do would not be possible. Together we can create a space for real and lasting change in the lives of the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

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