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Hope Lives Here

We offer unique services that meet the local needs of disadvantaged communities and people living on the margins, by reaching out to those who feel they are on the outside. We're passionate about creating strong and caring communities who value personal wellbeing, and each other.

We connect with people, and families who are trying to overcome great personal trials, such as relationship breakdown, domestic violence, long-term unemployment, homelessness, and mental health or addiction issues. We also come around people who are caught in a cycle of poverty and debt, and often have diminished choices and opportunity to break out of this.

How We Help

“My big break since the floods was a phone call from Jenny at BaptistCare.”

A retired psychologist, John* understands trauma both professionally and intimately, and has proved himself a determined survivor. We first met John late December, after he had his pacemaker put in. He had been without a reliable place to live, homeless for 11 months.

“Because I am an experienced psychologist, I thought I could cope with this. It’s the brave face you put on for everyone. In fact, 11 months later, I am still having nightmares,” said John in his gentle accent.

“On the night of the flood, 50 years of my life living here in Australia is gone. All the things that symbolise that life; my treasured possessions… and the home itself, were destroyed.”

“The whole thing of not having a place, the business of being homeless, I’ve always wondered how people cope! It is very, very hard to choose not to be depressed when your life is very depressing.”

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Apply for a Low Interest Loan

We offer loans free of interest, fees, charges and penalties to give you safe and affordable access to funds.

This support means that individuals and families are able to look towards their future, with a loan that empowers them, rather than adding to the cycle of debt.

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Without your support, most of what we do would not be possible. Together we can create a space for real and lasting change in the lives of the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

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