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Launch of new brand campaign: People First

A new brand campaign, 'People First', has been launched by BaptistCare this week, celebrating the organisation's values and commitment to providing the best possible care to its customers.

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02 June 2023

News | BaptistCare

A new brand campaign, 'People First', has been launched by BaptistCare this week, celebrating the organisation's values and commitment to providing the best possible care to its customers.

Featuring the stories and experiences of BaptistCare customers, family members and employees, the campaign is driven by powerful narratives that take audiences on a journey of what it means to be People First.

Ben Galea, BaptistCare General Manager Marketing & Communications said that with the aged care sector experiencing challenges born over many years, including a trust deficit, workforce shortages, and historically chronic underfunding, the campaign aims to amplify a unifying and positive message to the community.

“We know the sector is desperate for people to deliver care to older Australians – we're short 35,000 direct aged care workers this year alone. Coupled with the need to deliver mandatory care minutes in our residential aged care homes, we see this campaign as an opportunity to elevate BaptistCare as an employer of choice and attract like-minded people who put people at the heart of all they do.”

The campaign isn’t just a reactive exercise either, says Ben.

“BaptistCare has a strong appetite for growth and with this focus in coming years, People First allows us to tell our story and share our core value proposition in the marketplace for potential customers and partnerships.”

For Ben, at the heart of the campaign is the DNA of the people who work at BaptistCare.

“The campaign shares the commitment and passion of our employees, who are everyday heroes in delivering care and support, going the extra mile, and focusing on the needs and preferences of customers and colleagues in every interaction.”

“At BaptistCare, we care for over 10,000 people every day, and each person has their own story. It’s a privilege for our employees and teams to be People First, to know the hopes and dreams, preferences, needs and dislikes of each person they serve. Being trusted to provide care and support, and be part of the struggles and joys people experience, in their own homes or communities we have created, is really what this campaign is about honouring.”

Ben advises the campaign will enable BaptistCare to position itself in the market to the increasing number of people they are looking to serve.

“This includes people preparing for their well-earned retirement, who want to continue living independently with home care support or find safe and comfortable care in our aged care homes.”

In looking to attract new employees who share BaptistCare’s commitment to people-centred care, it is hoped the campaign will secure people right across the organisation, from frontline aged care employees to caseworkers in BaptistCare HopeStreet’s services that support people living with disadvantage.

BaptistCare worked closely with advertising agency, Zoo Republic to create the campaign.

“From the first interaction, we could see that people were at the heart of everything BaptistCare does. From those who receive care, to the families whose loved ones their staff care for. Each has their own points of view but there’s one thing connecting them all” said Saskia Lo, Strategy Director at The Zoo Republic. “Their passion for people means they always put them first. We are now thrilled to bring this message to a wider audience through this campaign”.

It was during COVID-19 that the fire for the People First campaign was lit for BaptistCare. As the first aged care provider with COVID-19 in an aged care home, the organisation saw firsthand the crisis unfolding as the pandemic tore through a sector already struggling.

With the sector almost on its knees and residents, their families and employees scared and exhausted, BaptistCare wrote an open letter to the then Prime Minister advocating for aged care reform and calling for help to manage the desperate situation all providers were facing.

Edward Nethery, Creative Director at The Zoo Republic shared, “It took considerable bravery and trust to do something different for this sector which is so often defined by cliché. Shining the spotlight on individuals within the BaptistCare world allowed us to tell real, emotional and three dimensional human stories, which is the truth of the industry. Finding the humanity in different clients’ own personal stories, in their own words, from the heart. It is the most honest way to reinforce BaptistCare's commitment to putting both those who care, and are cared for, first. ”

It was this moment, where the organisation stood up loudly and spoke out on behalf of its employees and customers, that crystallised for BaptistCare the story of how they put people first at every opportunity, and in every challenge.

The campaign will feature across a variety of paid media including outdoor and digital.

For more information and to watch BaptistCare's 'People First' campaign, visit