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On International Nurses Day, meet one of BaptistCare's nurses

On this year's International Nurses Day, we're profiling one of BaptistCare's amazing nurses, Kavita Maharjan.

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12 May 2023

News | BaptistCare

On this year's International Nurses Day, we're profiling one of BaptistCare's amazing nurses. Meet Kavita Maharjan.

Kavita first worked as a nurse at BaptistCare George Forbes House in Queanbeyan before starting work at BaptistCare Blue Hills Manor just after Easter.

Kavita shares with us why she started nursing, and what it means to her.

"As a person, I like helping other people. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and motivation to remain kind and treat everyone as humans. I also love being a part of a person's - and a family's - experience with life in general. Nursing is a perfect job that fulfills what I am trying to achieve.

"I love that in nursing, I get to see so many people and their families live life through abundant joy, suffering, death - and I get to be a part of it all. If it is bad or good, I get to sit with them and speak to them about it, understand their perceptions and help them understand the process slightly better. Nursing can sometimes take over our lives because we take so much of someone's burden home, with people's life stories.

"There are times in nursing when I feel sometimes people do not understand how much we do and how much it means to hear words of appreciation. Sometimes, what someone says can make us cry, with tears of joy or sadness or frustration, be it families, or the residents themselves.

"A memorable day for me as a nurse was when I left George Forbes House in Queanbeyan to move to Sydney. I had many farewells, including one from residents, which filled my heart as they understood and appreciated my work. They brought a cake, flowers, cards, and afternoon tea, and a few of them said how good of an RN they thought I was. These words were like the cherry on top of a cake. An absolutely terrific feeling.

"I absolutely recommend nursing as a career. We get to learn so much from older generations; for example, the way they are so patient when speaking and not in a hurry all the time, makes me so happy."

Happy International Nurses day to Kavita, all BaptistCare nurses and nurses all over the world. We see you, your expertise, your love, your care and we appreciate you.

To find out more about a career in nursing, and see what roles are available across BaptistCare, go to our careers page: