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Tribute to Les Draper: a life well lived

Tribute to Les Draper: a life well lived

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20 January 2020

Stories | BaptistCare

25 February, 2020

Les Draper (Leslie Bellingham Draper) passed away on Thursday 26 December, 2019, aged 89. A Thanksgiving Service was held on Friday 3 January at Mortdale-Oatley Baptist Church.

Les first joined the Baptist Homes Trust in 1973 - the first time for two and a half years as an accountant and then from January 1983 as Chief Accountant and finally appointed Chief Executive on March 14 1986, a role he retained until his retirement on March 14 1994, exactly eight years later.

Les was actually the first Chief Executive of the Baptist Homes Trust, after The Executive Committee in August of 1986 recommended to the Councillors of the Trust that the previous title of General Superintendent be abandoned in favour of the title Chief Executive.

During Les’ time at BaptistCare, the Home Flexi Care (HFC) service was established, Northmead Day Care Centre started, four new hostels were built and extensions to several existing residential centres (then known as nursing homes) were undertaken.

A former Chairman of the Board of Directors, Roger Peffer, described Les on the occasion of his retirement as, “one of those men that you would describe as a quiet achiever and he will be missed by many friends within the organisation.” Results from Les’ time at BaptistCare, reflect this.

We commend Les for his service, dedication and years spent with the organisation. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time. May he rest in peace.