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Support the Staff

We think our aged care staff are superheroes, doing amazing work to keep the most vulnerable in our community safe from COVID-19. Please share your thanks and support of our staff by sending them an email.

Your messages of support

Dear Penrose staff,

I would like to thank all the wonderful staff in Penrose for there caring of my mum Margaret over the 4 years she was a resident at Gracewood, and especially for the love they gave to mum and myself in her final days. You are all the most amazing people even in these most trying of times you still give the residents comfort and love.

Many thanks, Barbara


My wife Debbie’s parents, are in Gracewood Kellyville. We know that they have been suffering during the lockdown as their greatest joy was receiving visits from family. Visits were able to be even more regular when we and Debbie’s sister and brother-in-law moved into Gracewood retirement village next door to the aged care. It can be frustrating living so conveniently next door and yet not being able to visit, but we totally understand the reasons why.

The staff at Gracewood aged care have gone above and beyond as they try to make the residents feel comfortable during this time. Marc has been great in organising Zoom calls between residents and families. Cris goes out of his way to add a personal touch and gets coffees from the café most week days for my Debbie’s parents. You know how much of a difference a good coffee can make to your day. So much more goes on that we are not aware of so a big thank you to the staff at Gracewood especially in high care on Level 2.

Blessings, Frank

Dear staff,

Thank you for being who You are and how hard u work with care empathy and compassion

From Lynn

To Rita, (Care Manager) and Associated Staff,

This email is in conjunction with the recent Aged Care Workers Day, which was held on Saturday, 7th August, 2021.

My family and I would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation to Rita and ALL of the staff associated with the BaptistCare ORANA Centre.

Their enthusiasm, professionalism and genuine caring nature, particularly under these difficult circumstances, (brought on by the Virus situation), has been great.

Our mother (Patricia), who resides in Gravilia, has always been taken care of to our satisfaction, by everyone, "who include" - the Managers, Nursing and Care staff, Doctors and Physio staff, Dining room attendants, Face Time Messenger staff, Cleaning Staff and Reception personnel.

Due to the fact that we live in another state, makes the welfare of our mother more difficult than normal, so your care and attention has always given us comfort, and a sense of ease.

Once again, thanks very much for your help and assistance, it is always appreciated.

Bye for now and Kind Regards. Graham & Family of Patricia

Good Morning Kularoo Forster

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation to the staff at Kularoo Forster for an amazing job they do everyday.

Both my parents were in Sunrise Gardens and now my farther is in Scribbly Gum. All staff are fantastic to deal with in both sections of your home and even in these difficult times they have gone out of their way in the care that we entrust to them.

I am so thankful also to the staff that do my Skype with Tony as now it is the only way I have contact with him through all the ups and downs with Covid.

I would appreciate if you could pass this on to all concerned and look forward to the day that I am able to travel back to Forster to see him in person and say hello to all your staff once again.

Kind Regards, Roslyn

To all the staff at DHL,

Our Mum, Pat, lives at Dorothy Henderson Lodge. Pat has been there for nearly two years. Mum has five children, nine grandchildren and nine great grandchildren but we know that many of the staff at DHL have become her extended family.

We are blessed to have such a wonderful Mum and we are blessed to know that Mum has found friends amongst the staff. Mum loves that the staff call her “Pat” and acknowledge her as she walks through the corridors. Mum knows that the staff are busy and pressed for time, but she loves and enjoys the personal interaction with those who help her in her room. Mum enjoys some of the group activities available and the staff who go over and above to make them so enjoyable.

These wonderful people help to make our minds easier, especially during lockdown. We hear the delight in Mum’s voice when a staff member enters her room whilst we are chatting on the phone. If only we could be there.

So thank you to all who care for our Mum and all those who need aged care.

With warmest regards from, Pat’s Family

Good morning,

Thank you very much Khoa and all the Care Team as well as others at Aminya who do a great job as they support dad’s (Lance) health and well-being.

When calling Aminya we are always welcomed with friendly, warm and caring voices. Each day when speaking with dad on phone he has a spring in his voice which is heart-warming to hear. It is great to know that dad is so well cared for and feeling valued and at home, as best he can do.

Many names of lovely helpful nurses and carers as well as other amazing helpers at Aminya have come up over time, keeping us informed and helping dad so well in their specific way and to each one of you, thank you very much.

We are very grateful to you all for your amazing devotion, care and attention you give.

Best wishes, Bronwyn and Family

To the staff at Dorothy Henderson Lodge,

We thank God for you all. Since Mum, Judith, moved into DHL at the end of last year we have continued to be impressed with the high level of care and respect provided to her. You have kept in regular touch with us and anytime we have asked about anything we have received a prompt response. Rather than trying to do the least for the residents you look for additional ways to care for them. Everyone we meet at DHL has been friendly and ready with a smile and a welcome to us.

Well done to the kitchen staff and those who run the activities too. Mum seems to really enjoy the meals as well as the opportunities to exercise her body and mind.

Especially in these times of lockdown it is a huge relief to know that the standard of care will be high whether or not relatives are there to ‘check up on things’. We know we can trust you all to look after Mum well.

Many thanks to the whole team.

May God bless you richly. Rob and Christine

Hi Susan and Kularoo staff,

Given that Saturday,7 August, 2021 is Aged Care Workers Day, We, the family of Enid, would like to express our gratitude and words of praise to the dedicated nursing staff, on-going efforts of the physios and caring, gentle-natured Chaplain at Poinsettia Wing in Kularoo Gardens. They have displayed nursing expertise, patience, respect and kindness in providing personalised and quality care to our 91 year old mum.

It is reassuring to our family and residents alike (particularly during this unsettling and difficult time of COVID-19) that best practice is continuing with care and compassion in the Poinsettia Wing, Kularoo Gardens.

Yours in appreciation, Jan and family


I would like to thank all the staff in Wattle at Orana, especially Isaiah, Deb, June, Joan, Greg and anyone I forgot for giving my dad Ben so much care. It’s hard not seeing him during covid but knowing the staff care so much helps me get through this difficult time.

Also a shout out to Danielle, Kaitlin and Zarella for their ongoing support and supply of milkshakes to dad.

You all do an amazing job thank you x

Kind regards, Kim

Dear staff at BaptistCare, particularly Aminya,

Thank you so much for all you do for our loved ones, especially during these difficult times. It's difficult for everyone - staff, residents, families, and we value your efforts and patience.

Although we are sad that we can't visit at this time, Mum and I are comforted to know that Dad is safe and well-looked after. We look forward to better times.

Thinking of you on Aged Care Workers' Day,

Kind regards, Elizabeth Marion and Chris

Hi there,

just like to send my thanks and appreciation to all at Orana BaptistCare, especially the wonderful workers that care for my mum, Shirley on the Magnolia Wing at Orana. In such difficult times I’d like you all to know that your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

With thanks, Gae

Hi there,

My mum Wendy is in the Wattle Wing at Orana.

I wish to pass on my sincere gratitude at the way she is being looked after not just through Covid lockdown but always.

She is happy & grateful to the wonderful staff working there helping her each day.

Thanks once again & hoping the staff as well as their families stay safe throughout this difficult time.

Kind regards, Julie Pilgrim

Dear staff,

My husband and I would like to let Michelle and all of her Staff know how grateful and appreciative we are for the care given to my stepfather Ron who resides in Pelican Lodge at Kularoo. They are all absolutely marvelous.

Great Big Thank You, Robin and Ken

Aged Care Workers Day

A big thank you to all girls and guys at Bethshan Gardens Wyee. Awesome job by all departments. You become the extended family for us at a sticky point in the life cycle. Love your work, you all bring qualities at different times.


Hi Gracewood Kellyville,

Thank you for looking after the residents so well.

Your care & concern is second to none.

It is lovely to see how caring you are with each resident even though some can be quite trying & not understand what is going on in their world right now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Take care & stay well. Rosemary

To all the staff at Aminya,

we would like to express our gratitude to each and everyone one of you for the wonderful care you give not just to Robert but to all the residents.

We appreciate your dedication in what is a very difficult time. Our thoughts are with you and we wish you all the best and hope you and your families stay safe and well.

Best regards, Elizabeth and John

Dear Shalom staff,

I would like to send a huge and very heartfelt thank you to all the staff at Shalom and in particular at Curzon. Your dedication, hard work and care that you give to my Mum is greatly appreciated. Although it has been difficult not being able to visit, I know that she is being given the best care and attention. The responsibility of looking after our most precious and vulnerable loved ones has been made even more difficult for you during these unprecedented and difficult times. Mum is very thankful and appreciative of the care that she receives from Kizzer, Roshanak, Biji, David, Puneet and also Ruby, Wendy and Lynda who have always shown her great care and respect, also to Wendy and Cindy who keep her room immaculate.

I hope and look forward at being able to visit again soon

Sending love and thanks to everyone at Shalom, Estelle

Dear staff,

I think the staff at Macquarie BaptistCare in Shalom are absolutely amazing! They are very patient, caring (even when no one is looking!), and attentive to the residents and my sisters and I feel very confident in the care our mother is getting even when she can be difficult! They are approachable and if anything needs to be mentioned to me they quickly ring and let me know. Even in lockdown I know that our mother is being well cared for and I don’t have to worry about her well being.

Thankyou to all of you.

Regards. Jackie (daughter of Viv)

Dear BaptistCare staff and managers,

It always saddens me greatly to hear that people at times treat staff in homes with disrespect or threats. Please know that the vast majority of visitors I have come into contact with at my mother’s home have highest praise for you all, as do I.

I and all my family have a long association with Carey Gardens, where my mother has lived for six years, as well as my aunt and another extended family member for shorter periods.

The past year and a half have been extremely challenging. Yet the professional care, kindness and compassion of Jill and her team have remained outstanding. My mother always has high praise for those responsible for her care, as did our other family residents for their carers.

With very best wishes to you all. Linda

Dear staff at Shalom,

A special thank you to all the staff at BaptistCare Shalom Centre for Aged Care and, in particular, those in Fairview. I very much appreciate the care you take of my mother, Kata, every day and especially during the COVID-19 lockdown,

Take care and best wishes from, Frances

To Wendy T,

Thank you very much Wendy for always bringing lots of sunshine and big smiles to dad and all the residents there.

We’re hugely thankful for all you do spreading joy, fun and laughter there at Aminya. These are such special gifts for dad and for the other residents.

You are wonderful.

Kindly, Bronwyn Family

To Warabrook,

To RENAE and STAFF in the DEMENTIA CARE WARD at Warabrook Home for their loving care and devotion. It is a comfort, especially during this time of the pandemic and lockdowns, to know that my mum, Gwen, and all the other residents are safe and well looked after.

Thank you so much 😘 Pam

Dear staff,

On the occasion of Aged Care Workers’ Day, could you please pass on my sincere thanks to the Aminya staff for their continued care and support for my mother, Mavis.

It has been a very trying time in all of our lives, but especially for the staff who are trying to juggle family and work commitments, as well as trying to keep everyone in their lives safe from COVID-19.

Let’s hope that the vaccination rollout will proceed very quickly now it has commenced in earnest, so that life can return to some sort of normal for all of us.

Best regards, Brian

Dear staff

Many thanks to Niola Kurrajong care staff, you are an amazing team caring for our loved ones 24/7. Caring for them in ways we aren’t possibly able to.

Special thanks to Judy, Sue, Taylor, Alice, Lorelle, Jemma, Rhiannan, Sarah, OT Jo, 2 Lynn’s in kitchen, Leesa and Donna, laundry Brett you are all care staff to us.

Again thank you we appreciate all your love and care for Ray and I we couldn’t navigate this journey without you.

Carolyn and all our family

Dear staff,

Thanks for being superheroes marked by kindness, compassion, selflessness, costly love and a willingness to hang in there.

Small acts of love and respect, consistently given, make all the difference in reminding people that we are truly with them.

With my deep appreciation, Rob

Dear Staff

I just wanted to send you all my heartfelt thanks for all the amazing work that you do for our much-loved elderly family members.

Everyone at BaptistCare Aminya does their jobs with such great care and kindness as well as gently encouraging their patients with enormous patience and always with smiling faces.

In particular, I wish to thank those of you who personally care for my father - it is so good for me to know that he is in such good hands when I am not able to be in Australia for many months of the year and more so during this awful pandemic.

With kind regards and wishing everyone good health and happiness.

Be safe, Marina & Chris

To all the staff at Macquarie, Shalom Centre,

We would like to thank you for caring and looking after our sister Susan. Sunday, 25th July, the team managed to get our sister to RNSH for her operation on Monday. It was a big effort and time taken, but they did manage to get her in the ambulance and we are so grateful to them for accomplishing this task.

Once again a big thank you to all of you, and we hope to see you soon so we can thank you in person.

Kind regards, Helen, Graham and Janet

To the Management, care team and all staff at Cooinda Court

A very big thank you 💐💐💐 and sincere gratitude for all the care, attention and kindness shown to my Dad, Derrick, who has been a resident at Cooinda since June 2013.

We really appreciate the additional challenges faced during Covid and are grateful for all the extra work and protocol that has kept our loved ones and staff safe .

Best wishes and Kind regards, Dayani

Dear staff

Over the last 8 months I've appreciated the care/help and support shown to mum.

Thanks for the smiles etc.

Love you all, Val

To all the staff and carers of Baptist Care Aminya

THANK YOU for all the love, care and support you show to our dear mum, Eleanor.

I don’t know where we would be without your dedication and caring in such uncertain times.

We know that in your care mum is treated with respect, compassion and love. My heartfelt thanks to the entire BaptistCare Aminya team.

Kind regards, Roger

To our amazing team of carers

Thank you for all you do to keep our residents safe and well. You are doing a fantastic job in the midst of really difficult circumstances. We know you are going above and beyond to take good care of our residents, with regular COVID testing, lots of PPE and following the health orders. Please know your work is so appreciated.


To ALL the Staff at Gracewood at Kellyville,

I cannot thank you all enough for your wonderful care of my mother during this difficult time. Although I wish I could come and visit her, I know that is impossible until we are all vaccinated and lockdown is over.

In the meantime I feel confident and re-assured knowing you are all still coming in every day to care and look after her with love, understanding and such patience! I’d like to acknowledge that you too have family that you are worried and concerned for, and I hope they are keeping safe as well.

On behalf of my brother and sister and all our families, thank you so very much.

Take care, keep safe!

With love to everyone at Gracewood, Debbie

Hi To Our Beautiful Gracewood Family

The Storey Family want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the incredible care you gave our Dad, Ron and are giving to our Mum, Shirley.

The dedication, laughs and compassion is like nothing we have experienced. We “catch” the staff being incredibly tender with so many residents, it is beautiful to see.

To hear that some families don’t understand the necessity for the tight lockdown rules, and take their frustrations out on staff is shocking. We are so very sorry that this happened.

Please be proud of how much comfort you bring to our loved one's lives. And to our lives for all you do.

Celebrate loud & proud this Saturday.

With love, The Storey Family

Hi all

On behalf of my family, I would like to express our gratitude to thank all Gracewood’s care workers for your commitments during COVID-19.

The past 18 months has been an extremely challenging time for everyone and particularly for the Gracewood staff who care for my mum in keeping her safe.

In addition, we would also want to point out how much we are impressed by your professional care which my mum has received. For example, the Team always try extra lengths to seek out activities based on mum’s language barriers/hearing impairment and work something out in keeping her occupied.

We take this opportunity during the Aged Care Employee Day (ACED) on this Saturday, to recognise that Gracewood is the place with the commitment, enthusiasm and care provided by all the staff.

Kind regards, Judy

Dear Jovi and team,

Thank you for your care of our loved ones at Gracewood and in particular my Mum, Margaret. A big shout out to the amazing team in the wonderful Barrington Wing. And a special thank you to those who are undertaking the surveillance testing to keep everyone safe. These tests and the masks and other PPE you wear will save lives.

If we could be there with you we would be and we look forward to seeing our Mum and you as soon as the homes can re-open. Until then stay safe and God bless. We know the residents are in good hands.

Mark and Penny

Good afternoon,

I hope this finds you well. Sending a massive thank you for the amazing work you and your teams carry out, day after day.

My mum, Christine, has been a resident at Shalom since December.

Whilst it is hard as a family member not being able to visit her, I find comfort in knowing she is safe, well cared for and among some amazingly kind people in this difficult time.

The staff have endless patience, are always trying new strategies to make mum feel at ease, and keep me updated via phone call or email with anything I may need to know about mum and her care.

Thank you, you are very much appreciated ❤

Kind regards, Sarah

Hi BaptistCare Dorothy Henderson Lodge,

I’d really like to put in writing the enormous THANKS from my family to the amazing staff at Dorothy Henderson Lodge in looking after Marion.

You all show such care, compassion, consideration and love in everything you do – and always with a smile!

Sadly, my father Malcolm passed away only 2 weeks after moving into Cooinda last year (during Covid lockdown!), and Marion was moved to DHL. This has been just so above and over our expectations and Mum continually tells us how much she enjoys living there.

So, a big SHOUT OUT to you all!

With thanks and best regards, God bless you all, Lyn and family

Hi to all the amazing staff at the Gracewood Kellyville.

I just want you to know how much your love and care of my mum, Vera of Barrington Wing means to me. It is such a relief to know she is well looked after and being in her own unique world, unaware of the situation that is causing many to be so stressed and unhappy. Know that as you bring joy and comfort to my mum I am looking after other people's mums and dads in the Hawkesbury area as a BaptistCare home care employee. Together we take our love out into the world, and as love is the universal language it is understood by all.

Keep going and know that nothing you are doing is going unnoticed, and everything is appreciated.

Every single staff member of the amazing Gracewood Kellyville take a bow. You guys are awesome.

Sincerely, Robbie

To all the Staff at Warena Aged Care,

Especially all of you who take care of our loved ones on Level 3, you are all dedicated, very hard working, friendly and special people.

My family and I wish to thank you all and appreciate the great care you give everyone.

Kind regards, Denise

"Thank you for Caring"

We know you do what you do because you really do care. You work tirelessly without any whisper of complaint, to always be your best in whatever you do. We are forever grateful for your care and support of our beloved "Mum", Beryl at BaptistCare Shalom.

Kind Regards, The Conyard Family

Hello Aminya staff,

I would like to express my appreciation to all staff specially Khoa who has been a great help in all aspects and whenever I asked for it. I should also mention how Ziba is a great help as an interpreter for my mother too, and of course Hanna and Sangita, very kind and caring ladies.

Kind regards, Lili

Many thanks to all the staff at George Forbes House,

We really appreciate all you do for our loved ones, especially in these very difficult times coping with Covid.

Our mother, Ella always tells us she is very lucky to be where she is as she is looked after very well. She sings the praises of the chef, says the food is always very nice.

Dianne, Wendy and family.

Dear Morven Gardens staff,

I would like to express my appreciation for everything that has been done to care for Jocalyn and all of the residents, especially over the past 18 months. The pandemic has been hard on everyone but the dedication you all have shown has been second to none. While it is difficult to be away from Joc, I know that she is being loved and cared for as if I was there. Thank you, you are all amazing.


Thank you to all the staff at George Forbes House

during these unprecedented times coping with Covid. We appreciate all you do for our loved ones during this very difficult time.

Our mum, Ella always assures us that she is in the best hands. Says the food is really good, that the chef is a great one. In her words “I couldn’t be in a better place, I’m very lucky”.

A big thank you, Dianne & Wendy

Good Afternoon All

Just wanted to let you all know from the Admin to the Care Staff, what a wonderful job you are doing. I know this from the way my mother Betty from the Barrington Unit is settling into her new surroundings. This is evident when I talk to her and I no longer see someone who was, a little while ago, quite distressed and angry. Mum often says they really look after me here and can we take them out for dinner!!

Well maybe not dinner Mum, but we can certainly buy a small gift of appreciation.

You are all appreciated!!! Kind Regards, Judith

To all the wonderful staff at Niola in Parkes NSW,

Thank you so much for your wonderful care of your residents, especially the understanding and awesome care you have shown Lesley. Lesley has been going through a lot, more or less sorting and giving away her whole life which has been upsetting and stressful, but the amazing staff have made this a little easier with their constant cheerfulness and caring.

THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart.

Yours Sincerely, Sharon

Dear staff,

I am the daughter of Suet. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team of staff and nurses in Bennelong for their professional duties including respect, love, help and care to my mum and especially a BIG thankyou and appreciation to Rosanna who looks after mum so well, and always helps my mum to make her feel as good as at home.

Thanks once again to the incredible team! Wishing everyone stay safe and healthy!

Kind regards, Gladys

Thank you for the opportunity to say thank you to all the staff of Niola.

The careful concern shown by staff to my mum living in the dementia care unit is so very much appreciated. Mum cared for others when she was in the community and Niola are now showing her that doing for others as you would appreciate yourself is alive and well practised in Parkes.

Well done much appreciated.

Dear CM, CMs, RNs, Carer's, Admin, Catering and Cleaners of DHL

On behalf of the residents, who don't speak up, and the families of residents we appreciate the care and attention that you give each day to your clients and the warm welcome to visitors. As a family member we look forward to returning to your home.

Stay safe. The Brien and Ryan family.

Hi Gracewood

Covid is a terrible thing for so many reasons. It means that we cant see our mum as we would want to, and it means we can’t say “thank you” as often as we would want to, to the fantastic and caring staff at every level at The Gracewood.

Our best wishes to everyone at The Gracewood and “thank you” for making it home for both mum and dad.

Regards, Alan

Thank you for caring for our mum each day.

We really appreciate the support you have been to our family. Your job is not easy and we know it takes a special kind of person. Thank you for your patience, your kind chats, the cups of tea made even in the middle of the night, the cooking and the cleaning. In COVID times you have had added pressure keeping yourself and the residents well. We admire your perseverance in challenging times and we admire your dedication to such an important job.

With heartfelt thanks from a Warena resident's family.

Dear Staff at Shalom,

Thank you very much for the wonderful care you are giving to my husband Boris. He is not always easy to look after, being rather stubborn, but he appears to be responding well to your attention. I also appreciate the efforts you make to contact me with any problems, even minor ones. It has made it easier to cope with lockdowns. I am grateful that I have been able to see him when he is nearing the end of life. I appreciate all that you are doing when you must be quite stressed yourselves with all the problems and worries with the pandemic.

God bless you, Aet

Our greatest appreciation and grateful thanks

for the care you are showing our beloved mother Mary in Jenolan. Also thank you for the care of Robert, our brother-in-law. We pray that all the workers and their families, as well as the residents at Gracewood, remain safe and well.

Sincerely, Marianna and Phil

Thank you all for taking such good care of my mother.

Keeping her safe, happy, and healthy are so important for her and her family. My brothers and sisters are all very grateful to each and every one of you.

Kind regards, Denise

Hi carers,

Thank you, everyone for the dedicated care you give to Jean. She feels comfortable and secure at Maranoa and considers many of the staff to be her friends.

Kind regards, Ian

Dear staff of Gracewood and especially Jenolan,

I would like to send my appreciation for all the work and kind attention to Ken throughout this COVID crisis. My thoughts are also with you and your families, please stay safe.

Kindest wishes, Pauline

Thank you all for your wonderful care of our loved ones

it is very much appreciated during these especially difficult times.

Cheers, Deb

Dear Orana staff,

Thankful for all the good work you do in looking after your residents and the kindness of care.