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Measuring our Social Impact

We believe it’s important to understand the social impact of our care and services.

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Every day, our wonderful staff and volunteers love and care for over 16,000 people across our aged care services, community service hubs and community housing. We know we make a difference and are transforming lives.

But we also believe it’s important to understand and measure the social impact of our care and services – with a view to being able to do more. So we set about independently measuring and verifying the work of BaptistCare.

"Understanding our social impact is key to us doing more for our customers."

Our BaptistCare Social Return on Investment (SROI) Report highlights the magnitude and breadth of our social impact across each of our service areas.

We looked at the five ways we make an impact:

  • Service cost savings;
  • Economic empowerment and independence;
  • Family support and relationships;
  • Health and safety outcomes; and
  • Connected communities.

You can read more about these benefits and what they represent on pages 23 - 38 of the Report.

The Report was produced and independently verified by economics, policy and strategy advisory firm, ACIL Allen.

We’ll use the SROI framework to better understand and demonstrate the social return BaptistCare delivers, then use this information to inform our decisions as we undertake our strategy to see every individual living well.

In 2021-22, ACIL Allen estimates BaptistCare generated:

  • $2.22 for every dollar invested in service delivery;
  • An average net social impact (benefits minus costs) of $23,700 per client; and
  • A total social impact of $733 million from an investment of $331 million.

You can read a copy of our Social Return on Investment Report here.

You can learn more about the social impact of each of our services below.