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Understanding Residential Aged Care

Accessing Residential Care can be an overwhelming journey for everyone involved. We want to support you to make the right decision for yourself, or together with someone you love.

To talk more about what is involved in accessing residential care with BaptistCare or to arrange a tour with one of our Centres, please call our friendly  Aged Care Support Team on 1300 275 227 or make an online enquiry below. You can also see our page with further details of our Residential Aged Care Centre locations.

Make an Enquiry

There are 3 simple steps when starting to navigate Residential Aged Care.

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An assessment with the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) is your first step. To organise an assessment please visit My Aged Care or phone 1300 200 422. ACAT’s are generally based in hospitals and are usually a doctor, nurse, social worker or a health care professional. The assessment can be done in the privacy of your home or can be done in hospital if you have been admitted.  They will talk to you about your individual care needs and ask how you are managing day-to-day. They will spend time with you and your family to discuss the appropriate care options for your needs, and will recommend if you need care in Your Home  or access to Residential Aged Care. However, you do not have to make a decision straight away; the assessment is your key to accessing Home Care, Residential Care or Respite Care. 

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Finding the right Residential Aged Care Centre can be difficult, given there are so many options.  We recommend selecting a few different Centres in your area and arranging a time for a tour. This way you are able to get a feel for our Centre and discuss the variety of care and activity options to suit your needs.

During your tour with us, you will have an opportunity to discuss all the care options, view possible available rooms and also talk about the fees associated with Residential Aged Care.

We have 17 different Residential Aged Care Centres located across NSW and ACT. To find the nearest Residential Centre in your area search our Residential Aged Care Centres or call our friendly Aged Care Support Team 1300 275 227.

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The Australian Government can subsidise the bulk of your aged care needs in Australia. Your eligibility will be dependent on an assessment conducted by The Australian Government Department of Human Services or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. 

To download a copy of the assessment form, follow this link to the Department of Human Services website and click on the PDF Permanent Residential Aged Care - Request for a Combined Assets and Income Assessment.

Please call 1300 275 227 and speak to our Aged Care Support Team to find out more information. 

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