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BaptistCare is a registered Community Housing provider and has been providing affordable housing since 1953 in recognition of the obstacles many people face in gaining access to secure housing. 

As a not-for profit organisation, we believe Community Housing should be about more than providing a roof over people's heads. It should be about providing a safe and connected community where people can access financial, emotional and physical support to empower them to move forward with their life. This is why we have developed our integrated services model, which includes home care for the elderly, as well as work experience, training and financial support for families. This unique approach allows us to provide a more hollistic offering and helps to develop stronger communities.

Drawing on the experience and knowledge we have gained as a leader in aged care and community services since 1944, we believe that with a bit of support, all of us have the ability to transform our lives and gain a renewed hope for what the future may bring. 

Your Eligibility

  • We offer affordable housing to people over 55, or 45 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. 
  • You will need to either meet the Housing NSW eligibility criteria for social housing or BaptistCare's affordable housing eligibility criteria, including having a low income and a need to live in a specific area.
  • Affordable rent may be based on a set proportion of household income or a discounted market rent.

Social & Affordable Housing Fund

BaptistCare is partnering with the NSW Government to develop and manage social and affordable housing, catering to those most in need across the state, through the Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF). Of the 500 units to be built and managed by BaptistCare, 76% will be provided to seniors experiencing housing stress. The remaining 24% will be designated for single-parent families where access to affordable housing is critical to the parent maintaining employment or entering the workforce.

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BaptistCare NSW & ACT
NSW Registered Community Housing Provider Registration Number 0107090625

Community Housing locations

Click through to find out more about BaptistCare facilities at the following locations.

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Made up of 70 units, Clinton Place is vibrant and thriving community in the heart of the Goulburn

Phone: (02) 4819 3850

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BaptistCare has two social housing locations in Lismore, with a total of 46 modern one and two bedroom units.
Phone: (02) 6698 5742

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