Microfinance Loans

Enabling Financial Inclusion

Many disadvantaged Australians lack access to fair and affordable credit. Simple purchases, like replacing a refrigerator, buying a computer for study purposes, or repairing a car necessary for travel to work, can lead to substantial hardship. 

To address this challenge, BaptistCare has developed Microfinance Loans Services. Teaming up with NAB Bank, Good Shepherd Microfinance, various Government departments and other partner agencies, we support low-income earners by providing small loans with no interest as part of the 'No Interest Loans Scheme' (NILS), as well as low interest loans, known as StepUp Loans. We also teach our clients budgeting skills and financial literacy, empowering them to make informed financial decisions.

We have a range of locations where we provide both StepUp and NILS that are listed below. If you live outside these areas you can still enquire about a No Interest Loan by calling 1300 275 227.

f Community Housing BaptistCare

Enquire Online for a No Interest Loan

Our microfinance loans help many eligible Australians gain access to fair and affordable credit. Our online enquiry form now makes it easier than ever. Please ensure that all fields are completed when lodging the form and we will get back to you shortly. 

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