Changing Men's Behaviour

For over 20 years BaptistCare has worked with men who use violence and abuse in relationships through a range of men's behaviour change programs. These use a variety of group and individual work as well as counselling methods to help men adopt a healthier approach to relationships and their families. 

To find out more about how we can help, please contact any of our centres listed below. You can also find out specifics of some of our programs through exploring the Care and Services tab for the centre you select and making an enquiry. 

Services Available

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Facing Up
Facing Up is a program for courageous and determined men to move beyond their familiar destructive patterns and instead create safe and respectful relationships. Facing Up will help men to examine their behaviour, explore the role of power and control in relationships , and challenge unhelpful stereotypes about what it means to be a man. When: The program runs for two hours a week for 16 weeks. Cost: Fees apply - call for details Where: Get in touch with a centre near you for a flyer and details on the next course
Not In My House
'Not In My House' is an award winning DVD and group work book resource. It is for skilled trainers and group facilitators to support them in exploring the dynamics of domestic and family violence and its impact on women and children. Professionals with extensive experience in the field of domestic violence are invited to use this resource for practitioner training and in men's behaviour change group work. To order the manual and dvd please contact 02 4624 8700 or email

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