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There’s no avoiding getting older. But by taking care of your health and wellbeing, you’ll be able to stay fit, healthy and engaged longer.

At BaptistCare, we call this approach ‘healthy ageing’. It can help you to maintain your independence and your sense of control as well as giving you the freedom to stay in your own home for as long as possible.

BaptistCare offers a wide range of health care options – each is aimed at facilitating healthy ageing and enhancing the quality of your life.

Depending on your personal needs and circumstances, you may want to use our personal care services, which include help with showering and dressing, wound management, managing other clinical needs, and assistance with managing medications. One of our specialties is supporting people with dementia and our expert team members will provide respectful, informed care.

If you’re interested in improving your health and fitness, our occupational therapy and physiotherapy specialists can provide you with the exercises and specialised equipment you need. Working together with doctors, they can also provide strategies for managing pain so that you can get back into physical activities sooner.

Our registered nurses and skilled care workers can help you choose just the right Your Health home care options for your individual needs, ensuring you receive care tailored to your situation.

For more information about BaptistCare’s Your Health services in NSW and ACT, call 1300 275 227.


Aged Care

BaptistCare aged care services are designed to fully support people as they progress through the various stages of ageing and later life. We are able to help a wide range of individuals, from those who are still independent and active through to those needing more intensive care due to dementia, disability or serious illness.

BaptistCare aged care services form a support system for families. They also provide the encouragement, reassurance and specialist assistance that individuals need to remain living independently in their own homes.

dementia support

Dementia Support

Dementia is a debilitating illness, but with the right support and specialist care, people living with the condition can live comfortable, safe and happy lives. BaptistCare is committed to helping people achieve this goal and our specialist dementia support service combine compassionate care, expert medical and clinical knowledge and assistive technology.

If you or a relative suffers from dementia, our home care options include nursing, personal care, and home modifications. Our staff provide caring and personalised services that will allow you or the person you care for to have a life that is safe, happy and comfortable.

personal care

Personal Care

Self-care, grooming and proper hygiene are important for ongoing good health. They are also generally crucial for maintaining an individual’s sense of confidence and dignity.

BaptistCare’s personal care home care services make it easier for you to manage your personal care. Team members are professional and respectful and can assist with personal care activities such as daily grooming, showering, personal hygiene, continence support, help dressing and undressing, and medication management.

Our goal is to make maintaining these daily rituals easy and stress-free for you and to help you retain – or regain – your dignity and self-confidence.


Transport and Support

Our Transport and Support services assist you in getting you from A to B, meaning you don’t have to worry about reaching your destination on your own. We’ll ensure that you’re able to attend important appointments and family gatherings and we’ll ensure that you get there on time.

Whether it’s a visit to the GP, dentist, optometrist, podiatrist or just getting out and about in the community, our trained staff and professional drivers will ensure the journey is comfortable and stress free.

carer support

Carer Support

Carers are among the most dedicated – and undervalued – members of society. If you have found yourself in a position where you are caring for someone else, there’s a good chance you would benefit from support. Studies have shown that carers are at increased risk of depression and chronic illness, often because their own needs and health come second to the needs and wellbeing of the person they’re caring for.

We can help by providing support groups, counselling, training, events and respite for carers like yourself. Taking care of your own needs will help you feel better about yourself and allow you to better manage your caring role.

physical activities

Physical Activities

There’s a strong link between regular exercise and better overall health and quality of life. Physical activity has been shown to help maintain brain health and has also been linked to improved mood and a stronger immune system.

We can assist you in maintaining your physical exercise routine and help you to achieve better physical health through movement and enjoyable physical activity. We offer assisted activities such as walking, hiking, dancing, biking, strength training, swimming chair exercises, tai chi and yoga.

We know it can be hard to take the first step toward improving your health, and we’ll be here to support you on your journey.

clinical care

Clinical Care

Ongoing clinical care becomes crucial as we age and our bodies require interventions and treatments on a more regular basis. BaptistCare clinical services allow you to undergo a wide range of clinical procedures in your own home, meaning you may not need to make the trip to a hospital or doctor as often.

Our qualified staff are able to perform a range of clinical procedures on site, including wound care, catheter care, pain relief, injections, health monitoring, behavioural strategies, support and monitoring, and palliative care monitoring. Not only are our clinical staff skilled and highly qualified, they’re also friendly and compassionate. If you’re living with injury or illness, they’ll provide the care you need within the comfort of your own home.

nursing services

Nursing Services

If you require regular clinical assistance in your home, BaptistCare provides professional nursing services. Our qualified nurses are available to tend to your health in your own home, ensuring you receive the respectful and professional care you deserve.

Our nursing staff is able to assist people living with illness, injury or disability with services including wound care, catheter care, pain relief, injections, health monitoring and administering medication. Care can be provided on a range of frequencies including daily, weekly and monthly.

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